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A Full Service Architectural Firm With Multitudes Of Experience

Buildings are living organisms. They breathe and pulse. They inhabit complex ecosystems of species, technologies, and culture. And understanding buildings requires understanding these vital signs and these ecosystems.

The Living is a design studio and an experiment in living architecture. Our work brings together the natural and the synthetic, the human and the machine, the individual and the collective

14364 Manchester Road, Manchester, Missouri 63011

Our Projects

Dial Architects

“We are leadership and results oriented and we simply do not understand the burden that some firms place on their clients”
Land Planning
Individual Site Planning
Ground Up Building Design
Interior Finishes
Project Management
Building Code

Who we are and what we do

Dial Architects is a full service architectural firm with multitudes of experience in land planning, individual site planning, ground-up building design, interior design, interior finishes, project management, and just about any else to do with architecture.

We are a practical design firm that provides exactly and only what you need.