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Full Service Architecture

Dial Architects is a full-service architectural firm with multitudes of experience in land planning, individual site planning, ground-up building design, interior design, interior finishes, project management, building code analysis and just about any else to do with architecture. If we don’t do it, we have associates that do. We want to provide you with the best service and the best quality that you’ve ever experienced anywhere. That’s what we do. Dial Architects is not here to play architect. What we do is help our real-life clients do what they. Our designs cost real money; your money. Our approach is tailored to our client’s needs. We are not a one-size-fits-all firm, in fact, we are a practical design firm that provides exactly and only what you need.

Who We Are

We abhor the abusive multi-level project staffing approach

We abhor the abusive multi-level project staffing approach that is all too common among many of today’s design firms. We are leadership and results oriented and we simply do not understand the burden that some firms place on their clients. A hands-off project executive, a designer, a project manager, a project architect, a draftsman, a construction manager and a close-out manager does not lead to an easy-flowing cohesive project. To the contrary, this typical structure of high overhead excessive management breaks apart a project’s natural progression through its design life cycle which results in a loss of continuity in design and function and places a costly burden on the client who must continually keep watch to keep their project on target. Meanwhile, the nimbleness of our approach allows each of us the ability to be intricately involved from the day we meet to the day you move into your new facility. There are no interruptions caused by cumbersome handing off from design staff to production staff to administration staff and so on. This deep involvement in the entire scope of your project allows us to focus on the most important areas of opportunity. This simple approach enables us to streamline resources, change course quickly when appropriate, and accelerate the analytic process. When it comes to assessing the situation and identifying solutions, Dial Architects believes it delivers the highest value in the architectural marketplace today.

Our Aim

Our clients are very successful and are very busy people. We understand that hiring a design professional is often a necessary evil necessitated by the future health of your organization. Therefore, it is our philosophy, in every aspect of our daily business, to enable our clients to maintain focus on their own business by not burdening them with managing ours. We think before we speak, we understand architecture, and we respond very quickly. In short, we put our client’s needs ahead of our own.